Conflict, Emotions and Aggression: Economic and Psychological Views

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11-05-16 to 12-05-16
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This workshop brings together researchers that work on, broadly speaking, conflict, emotion and aggression. We are looking for papers that analyze these issues both from a psychological as well as from an economic perspective. Examples include analyses of the effects of stress on behaviour, catharsis on anger, the modelling of intensities of conflicts and other. Empirical and experimental research is welcome, as well as theoretical works or surveys.

The workshop is organized around the visit of Professor Brad J. Bushman, Ph.D. (Ohio State) at the VU University Amsterdam. The keynote speech will be delivered by Professor Bushman.

The workshop is intended to leave a lot of room for discussions. One central theme would be: How can one bridge the gap between economic and psychological approaches such that it is beneficial for both disciplines? This workshop could go one step into this direction by inviting economists as discussants for psychological presentations and psychologists as discussants for economic presentations. 

Please submit your papers by 14 February to macroeconomics(at) Decisions will be communicated by 6 March.

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