Norm, Actions, Games (NAG 2016)

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20-06-16 to 21-06-16
Event format: 
In strategic interaction, where multiple agents pursue personal objectives, conflict is bound to arise, as the actions of the individual agents have an effect on the welfare of the others. In such situations the need arises for the explicit regulation of individual and collective behaviour which has traditionally followed two alternative approaches, well-known in the economics literature: the spontaneous order approach, which studies how norms result from endogenous agreements among rational individuals or how conventions emerge through repeated interactions and learning, and the mechanism design approach, which studies how norms are exogenously designed in order to reach desirable properties.

The present symposium is motivated  by the conviction that the two paradigms to understand norms in strategic interaction are by no means incompatible and can be effectively used together for regulative purposes. The aim of the NAG 2016 workshop is to gather researchers looking at norms in strategic interaction from different perspectives, i.e., philosophy, computer science, game theory, logic, linguistic fostering discussion and interdisciplinary collaboration. Researchers will be given the opportunity of presenting their work in a stimulating environment, without novelty constraints on the contributions.

The two-day workshop will give opportunity for paper presentations and discussions. 
Potential contributors should submit an extended abstract of approximately 5-10 pages in PDF format using the following link:
Each submission will be reviewed by at least 2 program committee members.

Important dates:
March 25, 2016 : Paper submission deadline
April 20, 2016 : Author notification
May 10, 2016 : Camera-ready deadline
June 20-21, 2016 : Workshop

Workshop notes including all accepted papers will be distributed to NAG 2016 registrants in electronic form. 
Printed workshop notes will NOT be made available to workshop participants. 

Invited speakers:
Nicholas Asher, IRIT-CNRS, Toulouse University
Cristiano Castelfranchi, ISTC-CNR, Rome
Damon Centola, University of Pennsylvania
John F. Horty, University of Maryland
Rachel Kranton, Duke University
Michael Luck, King's College London

Program committee:
Astrid Hopfensitz, Toulouse School of Economics (PC chair)
Emiliano Lorini, IRIT-CNRS, Toulouse University (PC chair)
Thomas Ågotnes, University of Bergen
Ingela Alger, Toulouse School of Economics
Giulia Andrighetto, ISTC-CNR, Rome
Giuseppe Attanasi, Université de Strasbourg
Cristina Bicchieri, University of Pennsylvania
Jan Broersen, Utrecht University
Mehdi Dastani, Utrecht University
Robert Demolombe, IRIT, Toulouse University
Urs Fischbacher, University of Konstanz
Herbert Gintis, Central European University and Santa Fe Institute
Valentin Goranko, Stockholm University
Umberto Grandi, IRIT, Toulouse University
Davide Grossi, University of Liverpool
Andreas Herzig, IRIT-CNRS, Toulouse University
Fenrong Liu, Tsinghua University
Frédéric Moisan, Carnegie Mellon University
Alex Possajennikov, University of Nottingham
Olivier Roy, Universität Bayreuth
Giovanni Sartor, Università di Bologna
Allard Tamminga, University of Groningen
Luca Tummolini, ISTC-CNR, Rome
Paolo Turrini, Imperial College London
Boris van Leeuuwen, Toulouse School of Economics

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