Péter Bayer

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Current Affiliation: 
Maastricht University, Department of Economics
Fields of interest: 
Game Theory & Graphs, Network Games
Jean-Jacques Herings, Ronald Peeters, and Frank Thuijsman
PhD dissertation title: 
Public Goods Games on Networks and in Tumors
The thesis consists of three theoretical chapters on public goods games played on networks and one on an application to the immunotherapy of cancer. Networks are a rich and efficient way to model spatial excludabilities of goods with local externalities such as most public goods and many private goods. The first chapter shows that a general class of simple learning processes converge to Nash equilibria in games played on weighted networks. The second chapter considers the exploitation of a myopic population by a single farsighted player. The inclusion of the farsighted player changes the rest points of the best-response dynamic but convergence to a rest point is respected due to a tendency towards specialization of myopic players. The third chapter analyzes best-response dynamics in games on asymmetric networks. Asymmetric networks capture non-reciprocal interactions between agents. Convergence occurs only under special conditions such as a low level of interaction, an existing hierarchy of players, or in cases where the order of revisions is known. The fourth chapter presents an eco-evolutionary model of immunotherapy with two types of cancer cells. Treating against the cancer's crypticity towards immune cells has the potential to intensify the tumor's immunosuppression and therefore worsen patient prognosis.
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