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This section contains a selection of useful web references on game theory and network theory.

Agent-Based Computational Economics (ACE). Evolution of Interaction Networks (by Leigh Tesfatsion)
Complex Networks
Complex Systems Society
Economics of Networks (by N. Economides) 
Intedisciplinary Center for Network Science & Applications (ICENSA)
International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA)
Isi Foundation
Network Science Center (United States Military Academy)
Software for Social Network Analysis & Organizational Network Analysis
Virtual Center for Supernetworks (by A. Nagurney)


American Economic Association
American Mathematical Society 
Economic Science Association (ESA)
European Mathematical Society 
Intelligent Economist
International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS)
Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS)
Matching in Practice
Mathematical Programming Society
Resources for Economists 
Search and Matching research group (SaM)
Social Science Citation Index 
Social Science Research Network
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
Society for Computational Economics
Society for Economic Dynamics 
Society for Social Choice and Welfare
The Econometric Society
The Operational Research Society
The National Bureau of Economic Research
Vienna Center for Experimental Economics


  • Game Theory Sites

Alvin Roth's homepage
Center for Game Theory in Economics 
Center for Research in Experimental Economics and Political Decision making - CREED
David Levine's homepage 
Didactic Web-Based Experiments in Game Theory (by Ariel Rubinstein)
Game Theory Society 
Game Theory.net
HEC Montreal, Chair in Game Theory and Management
History of game theory (by Paul Walker)
International Laboratory of Game Theory and Decision Making 
International Society on Dynamic Games
Russian Chapter of International Society of Dynamic Games 
Sergiu Hart's homepage
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on game theory 


  •  Blogs

A Fine Theorem
Kevin Bryan's posts on networks, game theory, group effects...

Cheap Talk
Written by two professors at Northwestern University, Jeff Ely and Sandeep Baliga, this blog mostly discusses economic and political issues and other interests of the writers.

This is not a traditional blog, as it mainly serves as a portal to other blogs. 

Economic Logic
Interesting posts on game theory and related issues.

Economists do it with models
This site was started by Jodi Beggs, currently a lecturer at Northeastern University whose main focus is behavioural economics.

Experimental and Behavioral Economics
Experimental and Behavioral Economics is a blog by Professor Muriel Niederle (Stanford University). This blog focusses on behavioral economics and experimental economics.

Farnam Street
Farnam Street started back in 2009 with the goal of posting the best articles from around the internet on psychology, behavioral economics, human misjudgment, persuasion, and other subjects of intellectual interest.  

The Less Wrong community aims to gain expertise in how human brains think and decide, so that we can do so more successfully. We use the latest insights from cognitive science, social psychology, probability theory, and decision theory to improve our understanding of how the world works and what we can do to achieve our goals. 

Market Design
The blog was sterted to supplement the Harvard's market design course and Al Roth's Game theory, experimental economics, and market design page.

The Leisure of the Theory Class 
The Leisure of the Theory of Class is a blog devoted to speculation and ruminations on all aspects of economic and game theory. 

Top economic blogs
Intelligent economist's selection of blogs, started in 2016. Economics topics range from econometrics and macroeconomics, to global economics, public policy, environmental economics.

Turing's Invisible Hand
Turing’s Invisible Hand focuses on the field of Algorithmic Game Theory and Economics, broadly defined. It also covers related scientific topics such as theory of computer science and artificial intelligence, and publishes related tidbits about the world in general.


  • Downloadable Papers

Econ WPA 
FEEM working papers
Hopec Database
SSRN papers 
SSRN Economics of Networks Papers


  • Journals

Abstract Games Magazine
American Economic Review (JSTOR)
Behavioral & Experimental Economics (SSRN)
Computational Economics (Springer)
Computational & Mathematical Organization Theory (Springer)
Dynamic Games and Applications (Springer)
Econometrica (JSTOR) 
Economics Bulletin
Economics Letters (Elsevier) 
European Economic Review (Elsevier) 
European Journal of Operational Research (Elsevier)
International Journal of Game Theory (Springer) 
International Game Theory Review (World Scientific)
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (Elsevier) 
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (Elsevier)   
Journal of Economic Theory (Academic Press) 
Journal of Mathematical Economics (Elsevier) 
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking (JSTOR) 
Journal of Operations Management (Elsevier)  
Journal of Political Economy (JSTOR)
Journal of Public Economics (Elsevier)  
Journal of Social Structure 
Mathematical Methods of Operations Research (Springer) 
Netnomics: Economic Research and Electronic Networking (Kluwer)
Networks (Wiley)
Networks and Spatial Economics (Springer)
Neuroeconomics (SSRN)
Not A Journal of Economics
Public Choice (Kluwer)
Quarterly Journal of Economics (JSTORMIT) 
Review of Behavioral Economics 
Social Networks (Elsevier)
Strategic Behavior and the Environment (Now Publishers)
Theoretical Economics



  • Suggested Books

Handbook of Game Theory and Industrial Organization
edited by L. Corchon and M. Marini
Edward Elgar, 2017 - forthcoming

Mathematical Theory of Democracy
A. Tangian
Springer, 2013

Power, Voting, and Voting Power: 30 Years Later
edited by Manfred J. Holler and Hannu Nurmi
Springer, 2013

Experimental Economics: Rethinking the Rules
Nicholas Bardsley, Robin Cubitt, Graham Loomes, Peter Moffatt, Chris Starmer & Robert Sugden
Princeton University Press, 2011

Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning About a Highly Connected World 
by David Easley, Jon Kleinberg 
Cambridge University Press, 2010

Networks: An Introduction 
by Mark Newman 
Oxford University Press, 2010 

Identity Economics: How Our Identities Shape Our Work, Wages, and Well-Being
by George A. Akerlof & Rachel E. Kranton
Princeton University Press, 2010

Social and Economic Networks 
edited by Matthew Jackson
Princeton University Press, 2010

Connections: An Introduction to the Economics of Networks
by Sanjeev Goyal
Princeton University Press, 2009

Statistical Analysis of Network Data: Methods and Models
by Eric D. Kolaczyk
Springer, 2009

Dynamical Processes on Complex Networks
by Alain Barrat, Marc Barthélemy, Alessandro Vespignani 
Cambridge University Press, 2008

Social Network Analysis (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences)
edited by David Knoke and Song Yang 
Sage University Press, 2007

Behavioral Economics and Its Applications 
Edited by Peter Diamond & Hannu Vartiainen
Princeton University Press, 2007

An Introduction to Behavioral Economics. A Guide for Students 
by Nick Wilkinson 
Palgrave Macmillan, 2007

The Structure and Dynamics of Networks
by Mark Newman, Albert-Laszlo Barabasi 
Princeton University Press, 2006

Group Formation in Economics - Networks, Clubs, and Coalitions
edited by Gabrielle Demange and Myrna Wooders
Cambridge University Press, 2005

Handbook of Utility Theory
edited by Salvador Barberà, Peter Hammond, Christian Seidl 
Kluwer Academic Publishers , 2004

Economics Lab: An Intensive Course in Experimental Economics (Routledge Advances in Experimental and Computable Economics)
by Alessandra Cassar; Dan Friedman
Routledge, 2004

Game Practice and the Environment 
edited by Carlo Carraro and Vito Fragnelli
Edward Elgar Publishers, 2004

The Endogenous Formation of Economic Coalitions
edited by Carlo Carraro
The Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei Series of Economics and the Environment
Edward Elgar Publishers, 2003

Behavioral Game Theory: Experiments in Strategic Interaction 
by Colin F. Camerer
Princeton University Press, 2003

Models of the Strategic Formation of Networks and Groups  
edited by Bashkar Dutta and Matthew O. Jackson
Springer-Verlag, 2003

Advances in Economic Design
edited by Murat R. Sertel and Semih Koray 
Springer-Verlag, 2003 

Coalition Governments in Western Europe 
edited by Wolfgang C. Müller and Kaare Strøm
Oxford University Press, 2003

The Costs of Coalition
Carol Mershon
Stanford University Press, 2002

Multiparty Government - The Politics of Coalition in Europe
Michael Laver and Norman Schofield
University of Michigan Press, 1998

Dynamic Noncooperative Game Theory, Second Edition
Tamer Basar and Geert Jan Olsder
Academic Press, 1998

Social Network Analysis: Methods and Applications 
Stanley Wasserman, Katherine Faust, University of South Carolina
Cambridge University Press, 1995


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