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The programme of the 23rd CTN Workshop is now online at this link...
26 March 2018
Registrations to the CTN workshop are now open!
23 February 2018
New books
The first volume of this wide-ranging Handbook contains original contributions by world-class specialists. It provides up-to-date surveys of the main game-theoretic tools commonly used to model industrial organization topics. The Handbook covers numerous subjects in detail including, among others, the tools of lattice programming, supermodular and aggregative games, monopolistic competition, horizontal and vertically differentiated good models, dynamic and Stackelberg games, entry games, evolutionary games with adaptive players, asymmetric information, moral hazard, learning and information sharing models.
22 February 2018
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02 February 2018
Starting from 2018 the Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Governance (CMCC), a center whose mission is to investigate the interactions between climate, economy and society and to predict the consequent evolutions of our future world, joins the CTN partnership.
21 January 2018
Submission date of papers for the 23rd CTN Workshop, to be held in Maastricht on April, 5-6, 2018 has been slightly postponed.
18 January 2018
References to ‘urban networks’ in scientific books and articles have grown exponentially over the past years. Research on the topic now extends across many social and natural science disciplines and over many scales of analysis from the intra-urban formation of social networks among neighbours, to the regional formation of transportation networks between cities, to the formation of transnational economic networks between global cities.
11 December 2017
The Permanent Itinerant Game Theory Seminars (PIGS) are a series of informal periodical seminars and workshops, part of the CISEPS Research Program “Behavior and Rationality”.
06 November 2017
This month two young members have become part of the CTN Scientific Board and local co-ordinators of their institutions' CTN teams.
25 October 2017
The Center for Responsible Business at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, assignes each year the Moskowitz Prize. The prize recognizes outstanding quantitative research in sustainable and responsible investing.
12 October 2017


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