CTN Annual workshops

The CTN Annual Workshop is the Network’s main activity, and has become an important gathering place in Europe for researchers devoted to the study of coalition and network theory and their applications. The workshop is a small-size event; the high submission rate makes it possible to choose the best projects and to maintain high standards.
As a tradition, the CTN annual Workshop is organized by turn by each of the Network Partners. Evaluation of submitted papers is conducted jointly with the CTN Scientific Board.

Padua , Italy , 06 June 2023 to 10 June 2023
Bielefeld , Germany , 15 May 2023 to 16 May 2023
Bielefeld , Germany , 12 December 2022 to 13 December 2022
Barcelona , Spain , 20 May 2022 to 21 May 2022
Developed by Paolo Gittoi